Date Night: Trata

Being in a long distance relationship meant that Valentine's Day dinner was put on hold. However, my boyfriend and I were able to get a nice meal last week at Trata. This modern restaurant was three stories high with a huge bar area - I can see it as the place to go in your mid-twenties. 
We started dinner with these steamed pork belly buns. I still prefer the peking duck I get at Chinese restaurants, but these were pretty tasty.
He also got his first glass of wine, though he doesn't really like bitter things so I ended up drinking most of it!

We opted for chunks of meat at this dinner and weren't disappointed. My short rib (above) was falling apart and sat atop a cheesy, crispy potato cake, and he got the manly bacon-wrapped sirloin. Just writing about this makes me drool.
Neither of us would normally go for bread pudding, but we tried this croissant bread pudding at the suggestion of our waitress. Drizzled in orange caramel sauce, the consistency reminded me of pound cake. And it was delicious.

Both of us left the restaurant feeling very stuffed so I'd say it was worth it. Any other places in the Rochester area that should be tried? Let us know in the comments!



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