China: Xi'an

Jade Room at Wild Goose Pagoda
While on my trip to China, our second stop was the city of Xi'an. Although smaller than Beijing, there's still millions of people.  We arrived on a rainy day and went straight to a dumpling dinner and show.  The dumplings looked prettier than they tasted, but that didn't bother me as a photographer.  Of course, we also visited the terracotta warriors, one of the highlights of the city.  I think my brother was most excited for that.

Duck Dumplings

Shirt: Leifnotes

 We also stopped at a convenience store because my dad wanted to get salted plums.  I also got some haw flakes, which are little treats I've enjoyed since childhood.  This was on the package.  Have I mentioned how much I like Chinglish yet?
Xi'an city wall, best preserved in the country
Off to Lijiang and Dali next!


  1. Wonderful photos! xo T.

  2. wow that last photo is beautiful!



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