Flowers and Fences

These photos were taken at my university's fashion club spring photo shoot. There's little that I enjoy more than gathering with my fashion-loving peers and just chat and take pictures! My school has a large fountain that went through its annual cleaning, so even though a metal fence was up, we decided to pose against it; an ugly metal fence turned into a prop that gave off interesting shadows. -Melinda

photo credit: Chinee from

Dress: Topshop 
Shoes: H&M
Earrings: H&M
Anklet: market in Ecuador


  1. You're looking great, my dear! There's nothing like flowers and colors in summer - so it would be a perfect dress for me! What do you think about my yellow wedding dress in my current post? Kisses from Vienna,


  2. Hi sweety, you look stunning, love this look, the dress is the prettiest print and those heels are fabulous! Following you with Bloglovin too. Thanks for your kind words, Have a wonderful weekend hun!

  3. Floral print and peplum is such a beautiful feminine combination! :)

  4. beautiful dress! :)

  5. Very nice look! I love flowers, beautiful dress<3

    follow you, I invite you to become a follower!


  6. You look so chic ;) I love your shoes and dress <3

    Do you want follow each other? Just let me know :) ;*

  7. Great look!



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