Date Night: Toulouse Petit

It's been busy in the world outside of blogging - Melinda's been dealing with midterms and summer quarter, and I'm trying to make the most money possible at minimum wage. (Thank you Nordstrom Anniversary sale for making me broke.) Fortunately there's a boyfriend to feed me! He's great for other things too, but the dinner dates top the list...

We've been trying to check out this place called Toulouse Petit for a few weeks now, and they always seem to be packed.  We were smart this time and made a reservation well in advance (although thanks to Postal Service concert traffic we were late anyway...) and it was definitely an experience of good food and fun. Mmm beignets.

Hearts of Romaine with hot coppa and pine nuts, dungeness crab and fried green tomatoes

Dress; Frenchi | Sweater; zinc | Necklace; Asos
For some reason I decided to wear a grandpa sweater to a date. But it's cool, cause it's the Pacific NW and "dressy" is wearing your sandals without the socks. Or something remotely related to a button-down.
Crawfish, shrimp and andouille with grits, salmon and lentils

Beignets (!) and caramelized banana brownie sundae

View from where we sat. Hello Space Needle. 
Needless to say we left this restaurant quite full.  I would have eaten all five beignets had I not already eaten three courses. They are good.


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  2. Yum! Looks like you have a fab time! :) xo T.

  3. All the food looks delicious! and lol @ the grandpa sweater on a date
    Thank you for stopping by my blog :-)

  4. It all looks yummi...Salads are my first option usually...lovely post!

  5. That food looks delicious!

    Great post :)


  6. Isabelle that food looked scrumptious! I want everything! hahaha You have the best boyfriend. That's so nice of him and you looked too cute. When someone loves you it doesn't matter what you wear doll.



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