Half Life

At my university there are several tunnels connecting the various buildings on campus. The main one is regularly painted with information about upcoming events, which leads to inches of peeling paint on the wall. This is a lesser-known tunnel connecting one of the dorms to the old gymnasium, and it's full of interesting artwork from floor to ceiling. It's fun to walk through as well as use as a backdrop for a relatively simple outfit. In honor of finals, I thought I'd post something that I would wear for comfy studying - stretchy jeans, a t-shirt and a large scarf to keep me warm. 

Shirt Gibson 
Jeans Rich&Skinny
Hat & Scarf Asos
Shoes Clarks
pictures taken by Chelsea



  1. The graffiti background is such a great photo op, you look exceptionally chic.

  2. Cute scarf and booties!! Love the background!



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