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I have a love/hate relationship with skincare products. I love them because, of course, I'm particular about my skin love trying and discovering successful products. I "hate" them because I get really into the skin care products, and spend too much time researching them, buying them, reading reviews, and attempting to learn how they do what they say they do. Although both my skin and the products I use are ever-changing, the following are the current products that I am loving.

1. ROC Daily Resurfacing discs These discs are hard to describe, but they are amazing. It is like a cotton pad with soap embedded in it. One side of the disc is soft, which I use around my eyes, and the other side has exfoliating bumps. Because the process is so quick and easy, these discs are great for days when I want to get my makeup off, but have about two seconds before I fall asleep.
2. ROC Deep Wrinkle moisturizer (The daytime version with SPF). It's never too early to use anti-aging moisturizers. I bought this at Target on a whim because I wanted to start on SOME sort of antiaging routine (and the words "Deep Wrinkle corrector" caught my attention). I realized that this was actually an effective moisturizer, and have been using it as my current daytime moisturizer before I put on foundation. If you're looking for drugstore brand products, I would suggest ROC.
3. Dior Hydralife moisturizer I love the feeling of moisturizers from Dior, but I like this one the best because it is in the form of a pump, not a tub. I dislike using moisturizers from a tub shaped container because I can just imagine all the bacteria growing and swimming around in my precious moisturizer. Dior Hydralife feels light, yet works even on my dry, winter skin. However, this does not have SPF so I use it in the nighttime.
4. Boscia Luminizing Black Mask Using this mask is so satisfying because you can peel it off after it dries and see all the disgusting stuff that came off your skin. If you are like my friend J, you can also peel the mask off in such a way so that it leaves mustache and goatee shapes on your face.
5. Proactiv cleanser, toner, moisturizer, advanced blemish treatment If you have never used acne-treatment products before, PLEASE test it out on a small patch of your hand first. A certain friend of mine is allergic to benzoyl peroxide, and her face swelled up like a balloon after using proactiv. Sorry C, but it was a really entertaining picture. That being said, I've used proactiv on and off before, and it controls my acne fairly well. I don't have the perfect, miracle skin that I long to have, but my breakouts are much less severe and disappear quickly.
6. Proactiv brush I think this is a great alternative to the expensive clarisonic brushes. Okay, so I haven't tried to the clarisonic brushes yet, but this proactiv brush leaves my skin feeling clean and soft.


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