Celebrating the End

I can only recall going to one New Year's Eve party in my life, and at that party I seem to remember Pictionary and sightreading chamber music as two of the main activities of the night. While definitely fun, these aren't your typical NYE things to do. This year my boyfriend and I decided to be adventurous (well, as adventurous as we get) and go to see the fireworks downtown. (Read: excuse to wear shiny skirt without any funny looks!) We arrived early so we could get a great view of the fireworks spurting out of the Space Needle...until the fog completely took over at 11:45pm. The last shot is the most we could see of the New Year's show -doesn't the Needle look like it's preparing to break through the atmosphere at any moment in the last photo?

Wishing everyone Happy New Year! Goodbye 2013, hello 2014 and all the memories in store.


Blouse Kate Spade
Sweater J. Crew
Skirt Tinley Road
Shoes H&M
Earrings Baublebar



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