Date Night: Sages Restaurant

February is the month of love, which automatically brings one thing to mind for me: food. Food in the context of sweet recipes for your sweet boyfriend, food in the context of chocolate I convince myself I need to eat in celebration of Valentine's Day (which I suppose suggests I love myself?), and food in the context of date nights. The boyfriend and I were kind of tired of going downtown for dinner (read: I started to feel bad about the anxiety he got from trying to park downtown) so we headed north instead, where there is free parking and large parallel parking spots. 

Sages Restaurant is an intimate, rustic Italian restaurant where Chef Bart makes every dish himself. By himself. I can't emphasize how impressed I am by this fact, especially after tasting his food.
 I let the boyfriend pick the first course, the spicy shrimp tower. At first I thought there were only three shrimp. But to my delight there were actually six succulent shrimp just waiting to be devoured. I was also sopping up the sauce with the bread in a very unladylike fashion. Good thing we've been dating so long that he doesn't care anymore.
(Though he still isn't used to how long it takes me to shoot pictures...)

I had gnocchi with Italian sausage while my SO got smoked salmon linguine. (If there is ever an option for salmon he tends to take it.) Some of the best gnocchi I've had.
Given my obsession with tiramisu I also had to try Chef Bart's. This tiramisu was like a lighter version of my mother's - less marscapone and more whipped cream. I think Mom still wins this battle, but I polished the tiramisu off nonetheless.

After eating til our stomachs were about to burst, we left the restaurant feeling content and happy in a way that only food can do. In fact, I'm just drooling writing this post...

Sages Restaurant has a Valentine's Day menu that you should definitely check out if you are in the area!



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