Monotone and Textures

First of all, I wanted to say sorry for being missing from this blog. Isabelle has been doing amazing with the posts, and it was fun to take a step back and see this blog from a third party's perspective. But as much as I love Isabelle's posts, I can't make her do all the work! So, hi again!

I thought that it would be fitting to do a blog post on my "uniform" during these past busy months. I haven't been able to get past my love for wearing black, but to mix things up, I have been wearing things with different textures. This sweater, for example, is one of my favorite things to slip on, and the open-knit "mesh" texture keeps it from being too plain. 

Sweater Urban Outfitters
Jacket Nordstrom
Jeans Pacsun
Boots H&M 
Whistle Necklace Forever21



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