A Sanctuary?

Top and Skirt: Zara, Shoes: H&M 

I absolutely love my university campus. The variety of architectural styles in the buildings, the fountain that hosts baby ducklings every year, and most of all, the flowers and cherry blossoms in the spring. But isn't it a problem when I feel unsafe walking around my beautiful campus? Shouldn't my place of education be a place where my only focus is to learn and make the most of my experiences and extracurriculars? Why does it have to be that the big crowds during passing time, the lecture halls, the silent library, all make me anxious? How can we identify and help the people who want to execute school shootings before it is too late? Maybe this topic is inappropriate for a fashion blog, but this is what is on my mind. If you (or anyone you know) are having, how do I put this, troubled thoughts, know that there are people who want to talk to you and try to find solutions for you!


Photos by www.facebook.com/jasonjkimphotography


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