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It feels so strange, but relieving, to finally be blogging again. Isabelle did such a great job keeping up our blog, but for a time, I felt at loss. School, exams, and extracurriculars consumed my life, and all the fashion/photography/styling/etc. related things that I used to love started to fade. I used to feel such excitement for fashion in general, but recently I was too concerned with "my future" to care. Luckily, before my hobbies disappeared completely from my life,  I met the ever enthusiastic photographer, Jason Kim

Jason unknowingly has been a huge encouragement to me recently. He is a full time pharmacist during the week, but in his spare time, he transforms into a photographer. The way he balances his career with his passions was exactly what I needed to see. Just because I am focused on my future career doesn't mean that I have to give up all the different things that I love doing (ex: blogging). Jason also has such a contagious enthusiasm; it is clear that he is doing what he loves. It is easy to tell that he has tried to learn everything he can about photography, but what is even more inspiring is that he is always intent on improving.

I'm glad that I can help Jason experiment with fashion photography, while he simultaneously inspires me. Please visit his Facebook page for gorgeous Washington scenery, stunning portraits, and more.  More pictures from our photo shoot to come soon! 



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