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During winter quarter one of the projects that occupied my time was the creation of a magazine for fashion club. We planned to print out our magazine and have a launch party, and it was all to be very classy and "vogue". However, as one of the people planning the party, I was extremely stressed about its success, if people would come, if people would have fun, etc. What would they do, just stand around and read? Would we have enough food and drinks? There were so many factors that we were trying to consider, and most of all, we were worried if people would even show up, as it was so close to finals. 

Fashion Club Officers
It wasn't until after the party (which ran smoothly enough, thank goodness) that I realized it shouldn't matter so much the number of people who showed up. Everyone that came was passionate about some aspect of fashion, and most of all, I'm so thankful to have met my fellow fashion club officers this year. Everybody is so unique and dresses up in their own gorgeous way, so even if our party was a disaster, I understand now that the best part was that we all met each other in the process of planning the magazine/party! 

To see the magazine please visit here!!! 

The Finished Product!
I'm grateful for my experience in fashion club! I love that our club celebrates individual style. Some might say that the fashion world is a very exclusive industry, but on our campus, we want to be welcoming to everyone and their unique sense of style. I do hope that our club's message continues long after the other officers and I graduate. 

photo shoot pictures and our launch party poster
After the event, I took some spontaneous pictures with the keen-eyed Jason Kim who noticed that the light reflected off the glass staircase in a particular spot.
Staring off into the distance? 

Do you have a fashion club at your school? What does your club do? Let me know in the comments! -Melinda


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