Despite not having a cat to call my own as well as mild allergies to their fur, I still have a place in my heart for cats. My motto is that "everyday is Caturday" and today was no exception. I still remember finding this cat dress on Black Friday and snatching it up.  The earrings are a gift from my dear friend Erin and I feel badass whenever I wear them.

Also, these photos were taken in the deadly-quiet stacks at the library...sorry to the people who were studying and randomly heard the sound of the shutter....(but actually sorry not sorry)

Blazer Compos'd
Dress H&M
Socks Gap
Shoes Sole Society


  1. This cat dress is so cute! Loving your polka dot socks! I love that you took these photos in a library!!

  2. Love this adorably printed dress, its so sweet!

  3. I am a self-professed cat woman and I ADORE that dress! The shoes, too! Hugs, T.



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