Sweater Weather

I always like the vibrant colors when the leaves fall to the ground, contrasting the dark green and browns of the grass and earth. During autumn I love to dress in oversize knits and trek around in my oxfords. The other day my friend Chelsea and I were wandering around downtown and stopped in front of this church.  Some people stared at us as they walked by, but it was definitely worth the excursion. The day was nice but somewhat breezy, so it was the perfect time to break out the knitted beanie my aunt made for me and my favorite grandpa sweater.

Sweater Zinc
Dress Rubbish
Necklace Bauble Bar
Shoes J. Crew
(pic cred: Chelsea)


  1. Cute outfit!! I love all the colors and how cozy it looks!
    Sincerely, Sara

  2. I love this sweet fall outfit! The oversized cardigan is truly gorgeous over your beautiful dress!


  3. Great gif-making skills! I really love that necklace, and how it adds new colors to your outfit. Your smile is absolutely adorable, btw.





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