"Restaurant week" in Seattle is perhaps one of the greatest weeks invented. I love it when holidays are made-up for the sake of marketing and sucking in our money. But seriously, a three course lunch meal was absolutely delicious and only fifteen dollars. There was a lengthy list of participating restaurants to choose from but I chose McCormick and Schmick's because I love seafood and was craving the creme brulee. I really have nothing more to tell you except that looking at these pictures are making me extremely hungry, and I am going to go eat now. 
Does your city have restaurant week? Let us know in the comments!

Pumpkin and Apple Bisque

Shrimp Croutons

Creme Brulee

Key Lime Pie


  1. D.C. had an intern week when I was there during the summers, and restaurants had great deals for the interns. I wish that Houston would have something similar so that I could hit up the fancy places that I usually don't get to go to.


  2. Yum! Sounds like the place to be! Hugs, T.



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