Makeup and Hair Workshop with Erin Caldwell

Recently, my university's fashion club hosted a Makeup and Hair Workshop with Erin Caldwell. We are lucky enough to have professionals around the area, such as Erin, come and teach us simply because they love what they do. Erin was someone who clearly love what she does, and her enthusiasm translates into beautiful makeup and hair. We practiced putting bronzer in a "3" shape, and learned how to curl hard-to-curl hair. 

Thanks Erin for visiting our fashion club! For those of you in the Seattle area who may be interested in her services, please visit and for her bridal services.


All photos of Erin's work from her website 


  1. Did she leave you with any tips that you can transmit to the rest of us? I'd love to see a tutorial of these 3 steps to perfect bronzer!


  2. what gorgeous updos - must have been a fun event!
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