Out on the town

Portland is such a funky city - salmon coming out of buildings? a "cyclepedia" at the art museum? and Korean food wrapped into burritos? All part of the travel experience.
Notice anything funky about the bike on the left?
Cyclepedia exhibit at Portland Art Museum
Bulgogi Tacos
 He was really excited about the food, especially since we (rather foolishly) tried to find parking closer to this food stand and ended up parking back where we already were, several blocks away.
 I will love this skirt to pieces - I snagged it at Nordstrom Rack (obviously) for $12 back in sophomore year of high school, and I've been wearing it ever since.  Definitely on a green kick lately.
Collar clips courtesy of Melinda
 We ended up getting dinner late (around 10 pm) at this restaurant called Toro Bravo.  I had heard good reviews but had also heard that the wait was around two hours (!!).  Even at 10 pm there was a 45 minute wait...but fortunately outside seating was first come, first serve, and we arrived just as a table was vacated.
Fried lemons and anchovies; Paella at Toro Bravo


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