The Big Island

I have mastered the art of traveling with a hot-pink carry on suitcase. On my family vacations, my parents encourage me to travel as light as possible, which for me is quite a feat. However, I am always able to pick out one or two necklaces and one pair of amazing heels that can spice up any outfit. If you look closely at any of my past family vacation pictures, my look seems to always change, but my accessories remain mostly the same the entire time. 

To our trip to the Big Island aka the Island Named Hawaii, I thought neon accessories were necessary. What better way to shout-out "I'm done with summer quarter, let's celebrate!" than a neon necklace? How else can I express how ecstatic I am to be on this beautiful island with my family with anything other than a pair of neon stilettos? (Yes, I admit, I did change into flip flops, but that's because I love the ocean and was right about to jump in!)

Many more pictures to come soon! -Melinda 

 Sunnies UO
Tee gift from grandmother
Necklace H&M
Skirt H&M
Heels H&M


  1. Looks like a lovely place! Great pics! :) T.



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