About Me: Isabelle

Hello friends,

I'm Isabelle.

This is me:

I'm perhaps a little awkward, but I love meeting new people and building connections with them.
I currently attend school in New York studying Biology and Music. I'm thinking about going into medicine, but I'm also not very decisive regarding career choices.

I play cello, and I probably own around 200 CDs. I'm also rather compulsive about keeping them in alphabetical order.

I am an avid amateur photographer, working in both film and digital. I have a mini collection of cameras, and I also have a darkroom setup in my basement. I'm not the best with words, but I can take a few pretty pictures.

You could probably safely say that at least 85% of my wardrobe came from Nordstrom Rack. Sometimes I'll look at myself and all the items in my outfit are from that store.

I had another blog a while ago, but this summer project is a fresh start in the blogosphere. I've partnered with the blogger-savvy Melinda to bring posts about fashion, food, and travels. Hope you enjoy reading!

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