About Me: Melinda

Hi I'm Melinda!

I'm hereeeeeee! (pc: Isabelle)

I've had countless blogs before, but they have all sadly gone to the blogosphere cemetery.This time, I've joined forces with the lovely Isabelle, and I'm really looking forward to entering the blogging community once again.

I am an undergraduate student in Washington, studying Biology with a minor in music, and taking as many English classes as I can (just because I feel like it). At school, I am an officer in the brand new La Mode: Fashion Club at UW, where we volunteer at local fashion shows,  celebrate personal style here on campus, and gossip about our favorite model Cara.

I love every aspect of fashion; even when my blogs die, my love for fashion remains strong. I also enjoy traveling, dogs, makeup, violin/piano, reading, beaches, cupcakes, and food. There hasn't been any food that I don't like. Try me.

My mother's comments as she reads my bio: Sleeping? Spending money? Draining your bank account? These are your hobbies too! Aren't cupcakes and food the same thing? 
Me: Thanks mother...

Anyway, nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy our blog!



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