Lab Coat

What I wear in Chemistry lab:

What I daydream about wearing:

Rachel Zoe Brocade Coat
Zara Combination Fabric Coat

Zara Long Flowing Trench Coat
Acne Resort 2014

Calvin Klein Resort 2014
Thakoon Resort 2014

Whenever I had some downtime in Ochem lab, I always found my mind daydreaming about all the more fashionable white coats I wished I could wear. I mean, these coats are all long enough to be protective, and the required color. I wonder what my professor would do if I showed up in some Thakoon?



  1. Like the Rachel Zoe or Thakoon!

  2. Rachel Zoe and Zara ones are super nice!

    Love, Liese
    Cats & Dresses

  3. Hi Melinda, Thakoon look amazing. I think if you would show up wearing this, your professor would be speechless.
    Dusana :-)

  4. Interesting post!!! That Acne resort picture is amazing

  5. I like it!
    thank you so much for your comment!
    happy weekend!

  6. Truly awesome and trendy lab coats and I am sure everyone will love to wear them. I hope such revolution also comes to scrub pants one day. My brother works in a clinic and has got bored of wearing such uniform every day.



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