Date Night: Cafe Presse

Last Friday my boyfriend and I went to this rustic little restaurant in Capitol Hill called Cafe Presse. We were greeted by a hip waitress and seated at a cozy table in the corner. The food was flavorful and simple. Of course, I thought the dark chocolate and orange tart at the end of the meal was the best part - especially since it was served with a huge mound of homemade whipped cream. My boyfriend prefers milk chocolate, so it just meant more dessert for me!

He's smiling, but he's really wondering why I'm always taking pictures of food.
Poelon Breton (right) and Steak Frites

These pants are going to be my new favorites - I have a pair of hot pink jeans that I wear all the time. I can't seem to get enough of these bright colors for summer, especially since Seattle's not always warm enough to wear shorts. I also realized that 70% of this outfit came from Nordstrom's my weakness.

Note to self: don't wear new colorful pants to dinner and forget to put your napkin in your lap. You will get butter on yourself.

Blouse Theory
Sweater Rubbish
Jacket Caslon
Pants & Purse Tahari
Shoes Ivanka Trump



  1. Oh my you look cute! And the food yum! I feel like snacking now :D


  2. Such a lovely outfit! Oh the food looks yummy!


  3. Great pictures! Love your green pants and all the delicious food!

  4. Fun colored jeans! And it looks like you had a great time :)
    Fashion, Trends & More

  5. Love your brightly coloured jeans, looks so cute, the food looks great, what dessert is that?

    1. It's a chocolate tart with whipped cream! Quite delicious and sooo rich.

  6. That chocolate dessert is making me super hungry! I love those green pants, you really look adorable :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  7. The food looks yummy, especially the chocolate cake. Looks like you had a fun evening!

  8. Great food pics !! You look amazing in this outfit :)


  9. Aw, I love that we got to see your date night :)
    The food looks yummy, and your outfit is just so bright and adorable! I love the mix of green and blue

    Trendy Teal



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