Regretfully I'm much more behind on blogging about China, and I've been posting rather sporadically on my tumblr (here) to give little previews of what's to come.  Since going to China there have been so many awesome events, and I've even just returned from a trip to Portland.  Just to wrap things up, here's a few highlights from the rest of the trip:

Trying tea at a 200+ yr-old tea shop

watching the little kids play

Handmade flower crown

BBQ guy on the lake

Jumping at the Three Pagodas

Stone Forest

Li River 

On the Li River

Guilin Reed Flute Cave


Pearl TV Tower

The view from the Pearl TV Tower

Nanjing Road, a huge pedestrian shopping street



  1. your hand made flower crown is bitchin

  2. These pics are fab! I love the idea of having tea in a historic tea house! xo T.

  3. Wow these photos are so beautiful. That one of you standing with the city below is striking. I would be too scared of doing something like that, eek!



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