There are some pieces in my closet that I can't bear to let go.  I've had this dress for years (you get three guesses to guess where I got it and the first two don't count. You're right, it was at Nordstrom Rack.) and find it to be the perfect combination of subdued and fun, especially with the large abstract floral pattern. While walking around Portland we found this rainbow-painted wall and just had to use it as a vibrant backdrop for pictures (my boyfriend was the forced photographer, but I think he enjoyed taking pictures by the end of it all...)
Shirtdress Marc by Marc Jacobs
Belt hand-me down from Mom
Purse Coach
Shoes Vince Camuto


  1. this dress looks great on you!


  2. first of all, your hat is so darling! i also love the location of your photographs!

    lindsey louise



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