Roaring Twenties Bash

I (Melinda) turned twenty a couple of weeks ago, and had a 1920's themed birthday gathering to celebrate. We ate delicious french food at Chloe: A French Bistrot (, and then headed to the rooftop of my apartment to celebrate afterwards. I chose French cuisine for the night because I often dream about Paris in the 1920's.  

Several days after my birthday, when I was looking through these pictures, I realized that at this moment I forgot to make a wish. "But what?! It's your birthday, and your twentieth!" my friend exclaimed when I told her. Now don't get me wrong, I love making wishes on shooting stars, birthdays, pennies, and more. But at this moment, I realized I didn't need to. I feel like I am a (please excuse the upcoming excessive string of adjectives) very happy, content, blessed, and lucky twenty year old. At this candle-blowing moment, surrounded by good friends and my favorite foods, there was nothing I wished more than to be right there! Now to conclude my cheesy speech, I'd like to thank Isabelle for capturing this moment! 


view from the roof 

Melinda and Isabelle


  1. Hi Melinda, great photos, you look so stunning!

    Kisses from Milano


  2. Happy belated birthday!!! What a fab way to celebrate! I adore the roaring 20s! xo T.

  3. Happy Birthday to you and enjoy your 20s! =)
    Just realized that you're from Seattle? I love Seattle and can't get enough of it =)

  4. I love it!! Very "Gatsby" :D
    Happy Birthday!!

  5. Hi Melinda! I am testing this out!



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